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Re-opening Your Venue During Covid-19 Restrictions

Starter for 3 – Re-opening Your Venue During Covid-19 Restrictions

These are challenging times for all sport, leisure and community venues. The negative impacts of the coronavirus on their bookings have left many unsure and uncomfortable when it comes to reopening their venue even post-lockdown.

This is despite the blows they’ve suffered to their own revenue streams during the pandemic and their eagerness to support activities in their local community. It can be an altogether confusing time and to be frank one that’s easy to shy away from.

We’re fortunate enough to work closely with many venues around the country who have reopened to take sport and leisure bookings back at their venue over the last few weeks with great success. Based on our experiences we’ve put together 3 simple tips to help any community venue considering reopening soon.

1) Trust

Collaboration between your own staff and community hirers is key, as are
the procedures you put in place to deal with Covid-19 restrictions. Rules and processes must be followed to give you confidence your facilities remain safe when used by the local community, so make it clear to your hirers during the booking process that they have to play their part too. You have to be able to trust that when they’re onsite they’ll take responsibility
for their sessions and do what’s required to keep both your people and their people safe at all times.

2) Communication

Talk and interact regularly to solve any potential issues and also keep on top of the ever-changing restrictions. For example, Buddle Venues carries out regular Covid-19 email updates to all our hirers to ensure they know of any changes they need to take into account if their sessions are to continue safely but also to help support if there are things they’re unsure about.
We’re also available by phone and email 8am-10:30pm 7 days a week so if they have concerns – even when they’re at a venue taking part in their activity – we can help and guide them.

3) Research and Review

Stay on top of what tier restrictions apply to your area and what activities are permitted to take place. Constantly review any changes that have beenbrought in on a regular basis – three website links to help keep you in the know can be found below:


At Buddle Venues we’re always here to help and answer any questions from venue owners or managers looking for some guidance on reopening their facilities to the local community. Whether you’re a Buddle Venue or not feel free to contact us on 0330 100 5461 or hello@buddlevenues.com – we guarantee to answer your queries and help guide you through getting your community-use programme back on track.