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I’m a hirer get me out of here!

Our top 5 ways to keep your community hirers happy after lockdown

At risk of stating the obvious, community venues will be so important after lockdown. As a country, supporting our local communities and the fantastic activities offered by thousands of clubs and groups will play a fundamental part of how we recover as a nation by getting active and reconnecting with each other again.

Keeping your community happy when they’re hiring your venue isn’t always an easy task though. Many are volunteers meaning their needs are unique as they juggle their own jobs, studies and personal lives alongside a passion for their chosen community activity.

We’ve come up with 5 ways to stop your hirers screaming ‘get me out of here!’ and ensure your venue offers the best it can for your community bookings when they hopefully return in December:

  1. Simple to book

Hirers want to book whenever suits them best not just when you’re available, so online platforms and being able to search, book and pay quickly is key. As well as being available 7 days a week, the team at Buddle Venues guide our hirers through every step of the booking journey to make sure they keep coming back to our venues. We pride ourselves on always being here to help them and they appreciate that.

  1. Quick responses

We live in a world where many expect instant gratification, information at our finger-tips at all times. This means that the speed with which you deal with hirers – whether it’s on invoice queries, equipment complaints or extra booking requests – is a fundamental part of ensuring your hirers are satisfied using your venue. Responding to people quickly can often be the difference between winning or losing a booking, so get there fast to stop your hirers from looking elsewhere.

  1. Customer knowledge

Let’s be honest, we all like to feel special sometimes! That’s why at Buddle Venues we use the latest customer relationship management technology to ensure when we respond to our hirer’s we know who they are, what they book and when. This then means that all members of our team can deal with each query and offer a great experience every single time.

  1. Clean and tidy spaces

It’s a simple one but the facility people hire is the fundamental part of why they use your venue – always try to remember this. Especially in the community-use sector – where many venues are dual-purpose such as schools and sports clubs – it’s vital that facilities and spaces are ready for your hirers so they feel welcome and most importantly that they’re getting value for their money. 

  1. Constant communication

Close-downs and double-bookings are fine but not informing your hirers about them isn’t! At Buddle Venues we use an online booking calendar containing live availability of our spaces, so we know when they’re available and when they aren’t. This means no false promises are made and hirers are always aware of any times and dates that the venue isn’t accessible. Remember, it’s good to talk (or email!)

At Buddle Venues we’re always here to help and answer any questions from venue owners or managers looking for some guidance on reopening their facilities to the local community. Whether you’re a Buddle Venue or not feel free to contact us on 0330 100 5461 or hello@buddlevenues.com – we guarantee to answer your queries and help guide you through getting your community-use programme back on track after lockdown.