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How to increase your income from venue hire

How to increase your income from venue hire

Whether you’re offering halls for hire or have a community centre to rent out, there are a number of simple changes you can make to your strategy to increase your income. 

Identify your target market

Before you can effectively market your space, it’s important to consider who it would appeal to. For instance, if your venue has a staged area, your target market may be local drama or dance groups – not your town’s football team! Knowing this will help you make the right choices when it comes to marketing. 

Promote your spaces

Just having a suitable venue hire space isn’t enough to draw in the crowds – particularly if your competitors are being proactive in their promotions. It’s important to market your space if you want to maximise your income, but we understand that this can be time-consuming. That’s why Buddle Venues run a whole host of marketing campaigns to help drive revenue and hirers to your door.

Consider expanding your offering

Expanding your offering to include multiple spaces can broaden the possibilities of what your venue can be used for. Do you have a training or meeting room, or a green space outdoors? Look at how your competitors are marketing their additional spaces for inspiration as to how to use yours. 

Be responsive

When enquiries come in for space hire, it’s important to respond to hirers as soon as you can. Be prepared with information relevant to their enquiry to make the process as efficient as you can – make them feel listened to and catered for. Buddle provides a customer contact centre to provide 7 days a week point of contact for both bookings and venue staff. 

Set expectations

Offer clear communication to hirers of what to expect, such as what to do when they arrive, who to call if they have any issues or queries and how to make payment. Making them feel comfortable will increase their confidence in you, and in your venue’s ability to meet their needs. Our online booking and payment platform helps to streamline your process. 

While opening and locking up are down to you, Buddle Venues are here to handle every other aspect of your bookings, including marketing, sales, customer service, admin and payments – making it as easy as possible to generate further income from your space. Better yet, listing with us is completely free of charge. 

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