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How a community venue increased space hire by 86%

How a community venue increased space hire by 86%

Right now, venues across the country are facing tightening budgets and often struggling to find ways to engage with their local communities. At Buddle, we believe passionately in empowering venues to generate additional income and embrace new opportunities to support their community – and it’s possible, even in challenging times. 

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Manchester decided to team up with Buddle Venues in August 2020 to help share the load. We listed their facilities for hire within 24 hours and, just like that, they had received two new long-term venue bookings for the school’s main hall.

Through our venue hire listing with online booking and payment, marketing activities and 7-days-a-week customer contact centre, we were able to help Sacred Heart go from zero to 86% utilisation over a 6-week period. 

Commenting on the new partnership, School Business Manager Steven Gore said:

“All we have to do is open and close the building and all the bookings, payments and customer calls are sorted by the team at Buddle, as well as ongoing marketing to ensure our community-use programme continues to grow. The fact that there are no-costs as well made it a no-brainer for our school.”

And this uptake isn’t unique – we’ve helped a number of venues re-engage with their communities and generate additional income. After The Langley Academy, Slough, had to completely shut during the pandemic, we worked with them to rebuild venue bookings for their outdoor space from nothing to over £75,000 on just 5 days a week of community use. 

Buddle Venues are here to help you get the most from your venue – whether a school, community centre, church hall or sports club – and support you every step of the way, driving the right kinds of groups and activities to your door. Listing with us is completely free, so get in touch and let our team start generating venue bookings for you today.