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Community recovery..

Community recovery – how a primary school is opening its doors to local activities with Buddle Venues

For over 16,000 primary schools in England budgets are well and truly stretched. Alongside this, engaging with their local communities – especially in the unique times we’re currently in – is a social obligation many want to try and meet but doing so when their main function is to educate young people can be challenging and sometimes unrealistic.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School decided to team with Buddle Venues in August 2020 to help share the load. Listing their facilities for hire took place within 24 hours of signing their agreement and before the school knew it, new enquiries had come in leading to two new long-term paid bookings being made in the school’s main hall.

Commenting on the new partnership School Business Manager Steven Gore said:

“Buddle Venues offers us a unique opportunity to support our local community and at the same time bring much needed income into school. We had no idea if people would even want to hire out our hall, so to see the facility used for a socially distanced Zumba session or dance class every week is something we’re really proud of as a school.

All we have to do is open and close the building and all the bookings, payments and customer calls are sorted by the team at Buddle, as well as ongoing marketing to ensure our community-use programme continues to grow.

As a school we’re only a small team and so we’re open for bookings only when it suits us. The fact that there are no-costs as well made it a no-brainer for our school.”