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Community Q and A

Community Q and A – Rhodri Bryant, Executive Principal at The Langley Academy

Rhodri Bryant is Executive Principal at The Langley Academy in Slough and kindly took some time from his busy day to take part in our Community Q and A series in which we ask our partners why being part of Buddle Venues is important to them.

How long have you been teaching?

I’ve been teaching since 1990 and PE was my specialism. I became Headteacher at The Langley Academy in 2012, progressing to Executive Head across both our secondary and primary academies in 2014.

Why outsource your community marketing, bookings and customer service to Buddle Venues?

We see them as genuine experts in their field. Generating community-use from our facilities is about proactive marketing and an in-depth network and Buddle Venues offer us both of these.

What headaches does it take away for you as an academy?

Very simply, we’re so busy delivering the best education we can to our students that we would struggle to market and take bookings from the local community on our own. We genuinely see the benefit in having the right partner alongside us helping to remove that pressure and manage a non-core element of academy operations on our behalf. There are literally hours of calls, emails and conversations that happen within a busy lettings programme likes ours and Buddle Venues take care of all this for us.

Why is it so important for The Langley Academy to be a community-facing school?

The key reason is we absolutely want The Langley Academy to be a hub for the local community and Buddle Venues helps us achieve this. Our hirers and activities are so diverse and we can’t wait to welcome them back once the pandemic is over.

To view or book the community facilities available for hire at The Langley Academy in Slough please visit buddlevenues.com and click ‘Book a Venue’.