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A Name Of Two Halves..

A name of two halves – why we’re proud to be Buddle

When creating the branding of Buddle Venues we knew we needed a fun and funky word for our company but one that represented what happens within our partner venues and facilities. That in itself was no simple task, when there are so many activities, emotions and experiences that take place in the community spaces we partner with up and down the UK.

Fun, excitement, passion, energy, laughter, learning, friendships – all these things happen every day in our fantastic partner venues, but how could we create something that summed all this up in a simple but memorable business name?

Then, it came to us!

Buddy – in all our venues people take part in activities with their friends, their pals – their buddies!

Huddle – the definition of huddle on Google is to ‘crowd together; nestle closely’ and this is exactly (when social distancing becomes a distant memory!) what happens with the hundreds of sports clubs, hobby groups and leisure activities that take place within Buddle Venues. 

Smash the two together and you get Buddle! We’re proud of our name, what it represents and we hope you’ll come to love it too. We’re embarking on an exciting journey to match local venues with community activities in a simple, honest and supportive way. We’re Buddle Venues – the bringing people together people – and we’re really glad you’ve found us.